To where am I going?

How strange that we would have the answer to so many of our own questions but not realize it.

As a wise man once said, “…a reed will survive the storm by yielding to the storms powerful winds and bending, even until it’ s crown touches the ground; while the mighty oak will challenge the wind and if it does not break, it will be pulled out of the ground for it’s defiance…”

And as to where I am going?

There is no mud by the way,

just lots of sand


calming waters with thousands of ripples, (soft tiny little ripples).

In fact, they travel way out sometimes, even past eternity…

It is as if I were riding on those little ripples

or sitting down, (which I do a lot !),

far away from the shoreline

when I realized that

the water is only ankle deep and crystal clear…

But not so in the rivers of our lives.

I thought when younger,

I will drown, so I fought the water.

But,  if  I should relax and be one with the water, I could


As we flow with the currents, we observe and embracing their elemental simplicity.

We absorb the river’s nutrients and develop an understanding with which we conquer our fear of being…

Driven, so often, by a momentum that is not our own.

So often we are dashed against the walls that restrict our passage.

Not realizing that the force of our encounters causes them that cling to the walls of false security to fall into these muddy depths and the friction between us makes smooth the jagged edges of our personalities

Before we rest.


It’s a real peaceful thing for me to do.

I like the way I feels after swimming there.

My hair feels silky soft;

unlike the way that water in Flint,  forces  it to feel.

I can not remember when I arrived;

but I’m so glad to be at peace

having become

a smooth stone –

On the Shores of Heaven


Sammie L. Carter & Kimberly Peacock

Copyright 8/1/2000

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “A JOURNEY”

  1. To be one with the water…I liked that…Although I love oceans, a big amount of water has always frightened me…that was the first thought reading your beautiful post. I am aware of that this poem isn’t about the fear of water. I see the meaning in it. You have expressed it very well, the words inside are gorgeous.
    Peaceful yet sad…talking about the end that way….
    Passage…yes…the transition between the places is pretty painful…I guess…
    The biggest hope would be not to experience it at all…..oh well…
    Great writing, Sam…
    Oh, by the way – you wrote it on the day I was born….(a few years later, of course…. 🙂 )


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