I am a guide along this corridor of time know to some as “The Human Experience”.
Notice the many questions marked doors along the way;
On and on, as far as the eye can see.
Each door access a way that need not be followed
But once chosen,
One might experience a lifetime in which you will suffered loss or gain

By choosing.
Broad are the paths that lead to destruction and many souls travel them
But narrow is the way that leads to fulfillment . . .
Few souls will find it.
Be warned,

This avenue of choice is not an eternal way.
It is said that “The way, is so obvious that a fool should not error” –
This statement says much about a being that has eyes but does not see
And ears but does not hear.
I’ve learned in living, that all do not want to see that which is –
But do want to see;
Simply, that which they want to see;
Even if it is not.
As a guide I must tell you that there are many ways that seem right,
But lead to utter destruction.

I prayed to my God that he would delay
That day when you must choose between this way and another.

As a guide, I have learned by living that I do not lead

But I simple suggest a path that I have traveled.

The lesson that all must learn is whom to follow.

My guide warned me long ago that there is a person in and out of body-

That will from time to time cloth himself or her self in light. Light!

His\her intent is to deceive all that will listen and\or follow the path he\she travels.

That path is a broad and eternal one.

I’m told by other guides that his devices are often soothing to the touch,

And sweet to taste but cause never forgotten distress.
His accesses are many: one is this body-
Corporal existence is just another way,
On this trek through the class room of time.

Another is that child like hunger to know and experience as much as is new or different.

Beware of false guides and information(s} along the way,
For so many have been enticed from the way and have not returned.
Know your weaknesses and your strengths, beware . . .
The deceiver is not alone!

You asked for guidance of the father and he came but like so many others,
You reject him. You did not recognize him who is the way and the destination.
If you lack wisdom ask for it of God,

He will give it to you in abundance.
But you must ask knowing that it will be given to you.
This you must not doubt.
He will prove himself to you.

Flash, now you see it now you don’t, the dazzling speed of this one single thought:
the way of life must be taught but the life is spent while the teacher is sought.
This my friend, is the quest of life!”




Sammie l. Carter
Copy write august 24, 1981

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 30, 2009.

One Response to “TRAVELERS”

  1. rich words…
    lovely letter, it seems like you have everything explained well.



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