Do Me A Favor;


Talk to me-

I know of that from which I run

But what of the love you talk not of?

In search, I soar up high;

Beyond cloud and sky,

A burning cry I cannot deny;

Talk to me!

I fear to love and not be loved,  yet;

I give my love which comes from above.

A request I make for I do not control

Be one with me,

My true love betrothed but first,

Talk to me.

You spoke of shackles, chains of flesh,

Prisons of contentment you have to repeat the rest.

Promises on end are not nearly enough,

Share with me.

Unlock the mysteries beyond that door;

A stairway to heaven inward it soars.

Be one with me.

Entwine thine all with mine

And hear the song my soul doth sing

In midnight visions of love they bring,

Of cascading promises over crystalline peaks,

To dash on the threshold at my feet.

They reveal reflections of many a door

So come with me, explore with me

But first, just –



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 2/23/1980

~ by Sam373's Blog on September 4, 2009.

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