How strange, to see what appears to be an entire generation involved in a musical style that screams of anger.

Not anger at the proverbial White Man but at The Black Women..

It saddens me to see that Black male / female relationships still suffer.

How can we sing love songs to each other if we are jealous of each other?

Could it be that we are afraid of the fact that she wheeled a power over our loins?

When a man puts down a woman in word,

It is a proclamation of fear…

Or, confusion

Or, inadequacy;

Or simply jealousy?

Why is it necessary to call them Bitches and Woes, they can’t be hoes?

Is it an affirmation of perceived conquest?

When the Black Man puts down the Black Woman, is he in fact running from the Ying to his Yang

Or is it the Yang to his Ying…

She is not called Woe-Man for naught.

Left with half, it can never be the whole.

For there is something special about Ying and Yang,

They are not the same.

They have so much in common;

Complete in the union of a plural singularity.

One half is not a whole without the other.

What do you think it means: “In us dwells the perpetuation of the whole black race?”

In the name of a unique sound and the right to say what you please,

I hear very little substance in the conversation;

Fore to be free in captivity is still slavery.

Is it true, that you can take a man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man?

I ask you, what and where is the “Ghetto”?

Is it a place where people are content with less than their can share?

Or is it a modern internment camp of sorts?

What started as a creative rhythm of rhyme has became created words justified as secret gang language.

Then comes the proverbial Pissing Contest,

Which too often ends in destruction or

The perpetuation of more of the same-

A lack of hope?

Gold rings, gold capped teeth and cash has not saved the many colored babes that have died in the hood,

Because some would be gangster wanted to earn a rep or defend what does not exist.

How many have died for your right to not get an education or learn to speak the common language.

Wasn’t it you who laughed at someone else’s Mother’s broken English?

Forgetting their struggle was to learn to read and write.

Still, the real is you forgot their struggle was to learn,

And establish their right to be,

All that one or more can be;

And to realize that which is our inalienable right to have and pursue.

It seem as though we still don’t know what that is or who we are.

For who we are is not who we were or will become,

And who you are is not who I am

But we are all the same!


Did I have something to say?

YES! And A Whole Lot More!


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 15May2002

~ by Sam373's Blog on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Generational”

  1. This is very touching to mind. It made me sit back and think about somethings. I hope to read more from you.


  2. That’s tight. You should do open mic night at the Max.


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