Volume: D-4

As I dare to dive into yon sparkling sea,

I was drawn to purge my heart in its tranquility;

And struggled so hard I did, to avoid its tranquil deep.

Still I’m dazzled and dazed,

Mesmerized and nearly paralyzed by this, your barest essence;

The birth of your love,

In which I wish so to bathe.

Each spark of  your love compounded and refined

As it was vollied back and forth between your will and mine.

Until it exploded into thousands of thousands ofs.

And as I strained to dare, dare to turn and run

I was overtaken by the surg of this beguilingly calm

Sea of Tranquility.

Then found I myself rooted to the beach of your love.

Overtaken I was,

By a mighty wave of I must-

Dare I?  Must not!

I found a reluctant strength,

In knowing –

A knowing that it more powerful than hoping;

And by knowing, I was pulled from rest in thy breast;

From the shore of yon sea.

Through the portals of your soul

For we both know

Even so reluctantly,

That this like my hopes

Are dreams of fantasy over powered by this reality.

For that we know should be

We wish could be

But we also know what is

Therefore, what isn’t can’t be;

Or can it.

Pondering o’er such a question finds a song

Wrote long ago flowing through my mind

But not my heart:

“It’s over, before it starts, it’s over.”

To warm my bed and rest my head,

Shall never be; to hold my hand and understand

Such pain I see – in knowing,

That before it starts,

It’s over.




Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 4/15/1977

~ by Sam373's Blog on October 7, 2009.

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