Summer Nights Dream

Sun hot against my face;                                                                                                                      

Moon gives off its own kind of heat:

Breezes leave more often than they come-

Non Semper Eril Restas.

The fan blows my sweat into rolls

While mama in the kitchen

Baking bread on the table.                                                                                                                                 

Outside, the sky is black

Hell’s kitchen windows are closed.

Non Semper Eril Restas.

Showers are taken in the street

A little more cold water, hold the heat.

Highways are buckling beneath my feet,                                                                                                  

Black stuff from volcanoes

Take the place of streets.

Rain evaporates before hitting the ground;

Unattended Baby in a bathtub


While unwed mother in the next room

Fucking a clown-

Non Semper Eril Restas.

Unclothed ugliness on the rooftop Sheds gown;

Forcing even the sun to finally fall down.

Wayward unyielding children

Chill-n in the all-night playground;

Watch in prophetic horror their precursor

In a red sea drown-

Non Semper Eril Restas.

Grass growing green-

Flowers blooming bright-

Trees grow so tall-

Birds soar

To miraculous heights.

Stars seem their brightest-

Love seems to last forever

While time virtually stands still-

Happiness should never have cause to end,

Yet it does . . .

Non Semper Eril Restas

(Summer Won’t Last Forever)


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright Aug 17, 1978


~ by Sam373's Blog on October 18, 2009.

18 Responses to “Summer Nights Dream”

  1. this is a scary world you have described. scary but true.


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  3. Very clever work. I visualized the end-times so the ending was a perfect surprise. My rally is here:


  4. I like this very much….
    horrors happen everyday,
    it depends on what you wish to see,

    beautiful poem,
    your words have painted a vivid image here.


  5. thought scary it was lovely to read. Beautiful. Happy Rally

    Precious Gift

    –Someone is Special–


  6. Horror…darkness…chilling and everything dark….beautifully written =D, Looking forward for more of your works to come =D, Happy rally^^~


  7. Lovely to read and get lost in, well written!
    Can’t some happiness be eternal? Like the happiness of being in love?


  8. This is so vivid–love the imagery and alliteration.


  9. Beautiful things don’t last forever. Beautiful but real. I enjoyed yoour poem.


  10. I enjoyed this piece. It felt like I was taken into snap shots of peoples lives. Great job!


  11. Love seems to last forever
    Time stands still

    Mmm. Like those lines. (Sort of fits with the theme of my novel, actually). Darkness and light are all mixed together in this, just like in life.

    My rally offering:


  12. I loved the images. It is an ugly world you wrote about but it is the true picture of the world today. Great read.


  13. I think it’s interesting how this started as a seemingly calm, quite, nice summer night. And then, boom! A horrific tale follows. Cynical, but very well-written.


  14. this scared me but then, we all know that reality bites. nothing really lasts forever. brilliant poem!

    Swept Away


  15. You’re a keen observer of nature and events! I love the last stanza!


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