What is the Answer?

I sit here on the brink of Nihilism,

Peering out over this quiescent sea of Democratic supremacy.

I am baffled by two age old questions.

What is Freedom and

What is Time?

Sitting here at the edge of yesterdays regrets

Pondering over tomorrow dreams;

I am interrupted by a small, quiet voice that nullifies my mind with a set of Cognitive questions.

What is freedom and what is time?

Shackled encaged in this cell of flesh.

Strained so grotesquely, his mind through the gray iron mesh gate:

A Three and a half to ten year test;

With Freedom as my quest.

Freedom…? What is Freedom?

A small once overlooked voice resounds

Throughout the empty voids of my institutionalized mind,

What is Time?

As I watch the day stained dark,

And many a mankind their working machine park,

Never really realizing, upon a twilight journey we all must embark.

As one man waits another man watches for an appointed time to leave this their love for money

On that proverbial dime.

As I passed through the last gate

I heard a lonely voice off in the corner stall,

Asking his weary soul a question.

What is Freedom and he received as a reply,

What is Time?



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright  2/2/78

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “What is the Answer?”

  1. A mystery which no one can define “to the point”


  2. Nicely and appropriately used again.. To use Time with Freedom is indeed another well-expressed expression…

    Time, no one can measure, same for Freedom.. One other point of which I feel is that both time and freedom once lost can never be found.. Purely my sharing, that’s all…

    It is inspiring to read your poems.. 🙂

    Oh yes, couldn’t find the follow button too thus, you might need to drop by my site every now and then if you have new write and I shall too..



  3. oops, forgot to give you an answer.. sorry, to me, it is infinity… 🙂


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