Good Morning Lord

Good Morning Dear Father and Savior Jesus Christ:

It is by your Spirit that I awoke this morning, continuing to be blessed with a reasonable portion of health and strength. I realize that when I closed my eyes to sleep last night, I had failed to do the things I could have done in your name. I thank you Lord for another opportunity to be your will on earth today.

Lord, please continue to bless my sisters and brothers as they strive to know you and obey you. Then there are those that try to hide from you and do those things that they know they should not do. Have mercy on them I pray.  Lord, I am examining myself in hopes that I did not set such example in my manor of walking. If I caused any to stubble in this walk, please forgive me!

Oh Lord, that I may be holy and acceptable in you sight. I ask that you wash me anew in the blood of our savior and baptize me again in that refiner’s fire, that I may be purged of all my sin. That I may in deed be a worthy vessel for your indwelling. And that I may live another day as an instrument of you peace, toward all men.

Oh Lord, there are those that are in trial; young and old, saved and unsaved, humbled and arrogant.. I pray your mercy be on them and me and I also ask that you help us to yield to your will and walk in your way this day for most of our battles are not ours to fight but for yours to win. In Jesus name we pray – Amen



Sammie L. Carter

Copywrite 8/14/2010

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Good Morning Lord”

  1. so very beautiful and noble thoughts sam. we all can use it as morning conversation with God.


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