A Letter From GOD

Dear Kimberly:

I see you, a fallen angel that I love so dearly even though you rebelled against me as other’s did. Being created a step above humans, you were blessed with a knowledge of me that they (the lesser), do not possess. You were fooled by a superior angel that had fallen further and did not want to fall alone. You realized too late that angels do not get a second chance like mortals. I understood that you were fooled and hated yourself for your decision; so I made you human so I could forgive you. This is an ultimate act of Love.
Being a young angel, you find it difficult being human but it is the ultimate lesson of humility in submission to Me; a reality that all my created beings must learn. Only then will you appreciate that day when you are again, an Angel.

LOVING hurts so, when given but not return as given or simple appreciated.

So how do I feel when I have loved so much more but my sentient creations refuse to love as they are loved?

I feel!

Still, “Perfect Love” deserves “Perfect Love”.

Not many of my corporeal children have matured enough to comprehend “Perfect Love”. They have not realized that loving is sharing only as much as you wish to receive. To avoid pain they give less; not realizing that because I Love, I have given more so “Perfect Love” will continues to be, “Perfect Love”.

Until we converse again, soon?
P.S. I call you often but you have chosen not to answer.

תמיד אני

(I am always )
Postman: Sammie L. Carter

Special Delivery: 5/11/2008 @ 4:12 am

Copyright 01 January 2007

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Letter From GOD”

  1. this is beautiful and heart warming.


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