Beneath all the defenses

And the disguises that are not make-believe

There’s a man that wants to be noticed.

Why all the make-believe?

Well, why should I force all of these

Make-believe people to lie to me-

And themselves?

If they were to say, “Hi, how are you . . .?,


Because they don’t really give a damn;

They don’t really care.

The world is not a figment of my

Imagination . . .

It should be.

I watch it on television, I know;

It seems so cold and alienated(ing);

But when I go outside,

I can’t seem to distinguish . . .

I thought I turned-off the make-believe

Before I left home?

There is no love thy neighbor;

There is no ‘til death do us part;

There is no helping hand;

No, there is no, “I stand by you

And with you”.


I know ,

Cause I’ve been searching

For that real world

Or am I looking for a make-believe-


Where for every man there’s a woman

. . . a make-believe world in a real world

Or is it a real world in a make-believe

world . . .


Hey, would someone please love me;

Listen and want to understand . . .

Help me?

. . . why can’t they hear me!?

I, I hear them.

I’m so cold,

Won’t somebody hug me back . . .

That’s my pillow!?

But it’s still cold;

In the shining sun I seem to freeze!


Make-believe love,

She truly cares;

She loves me, she won’t leave me!

She helps me . . .

Make- believe . . .


I must wake –up;

I can’t stay here forever,

Even though, it’s warm

And the Sun shines

Her love washes my soul like rain from


I’m not choosey . . .


I must ask too much of this

Make real believe world.

Look, she’s looking at me?

No, I must stop dreaming!

My name?


You don’t wanna know!


When you hug me like that . . .

It feels that 85o F, you,

But, there’s 6 inches of snow . . .

No, you aren’t . . . I, I’m afraid

You’re not for real . . .

You love me?

I must, wake-up . . .

But she feels so . . .

But dreams always seem real . . .

Faster, I’m almost, almost, almost;

Why, why can’t, I . . .


The pain of reality has invaded my dream.

. . . I know, cause

I’ve been searching for the real world

Or am I looking for a make-believe


Where for every man there’s a woman

And the law is, love thy neighbor;

Here’s a helping hand,

Til death do us part

. . . a make-believe world

In a real world.

Or is it a real world in a make-

Believe world?

I’m not choosey . . .

I must ask too much of this

Make real believe world?

Non e Vero?


Sammie L. Carter

copyright May 17, 1971

~ by Sam373's Blog on October 20, 2010.

16 Responses to “A REAL WORLD”

  1. […] Sam:https://sam373.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/a-real-world/ […]


  2. false personas are all over- to distinguish and seperate them from your genuine friends is all that matters. i am a poet from jingle’s monday potluck in case you wonder.. have a great day!


  3. wise words.
    keep it up.


  4. Powerfully expressed. Have hope, though few and far in between, good people do exist.


  5. That is really amazing.
    I thought at first, by looking at the pattern of writing, it wouldn’t hold my attention very well, but it sucked me in and it’s very deep. Sad, but deep.
    Very nice.

    My Rally Submission:

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  6. Sammie: You wrote this poem 39 years ago, shortly after your birthday. Maybe you were in your twenties then 🙂 All this time has passed, between then and now and the words of this poem still hold true. We live in bondage to what society say’s we should think, feel and believe. We wear a “masK” that is the pretend person we allow others to see. When we are alone, for some of us the “Mask” comes off, for other’s they are not even aware they are wearing one..Kasey


  7. very touching but mostly true. i myself dont believe that there is a man for every woman or such things. but i dont mind that. i am perfectly alright without such illusions.

    your poem touches the heart very deeply but i have never craved for “someone special” like that.


  8. Cause we often want whom doesn’t want us. It is deceptive believing just because we exist we must be loved by whom we want to love us


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