Love Change

Pain of rejection plagues my soul;

I fear-

To love and not be loved.

What greater fate suffers the lonely heart.


So often my soul reaches out,

Through the stillness of night

To touch my hearts delight;

Nothing created can hinder its flight;

We are one,

From the foundation of the world

We must be,



Why must my heart persist so,

Why must I search out

And seek out reflections of a love

Long past;

Why can’t I let die

That created immortal,

From the foundation of the world;




Every year,

Every month,

Every week and every day;

A lesson I’ve learned;

Everything must change

But everything need not pass away.





Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 03May1973

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 10, 2010.

14 Responses to “Love Change”

  1. ‘Everything must change
    But everything need not pass away.’ How true! Beautiful poem. I can relate myself to it.


  2. When our heart doesnot wants to let go a relationship that means its not enough matured to handle the pain.

    we should first mature our heart so that it lets go that relationship which is no longer alive.

    fabulous poem sam. very tenderly and wisely touched.


  3. true,
    love does change..
    well put.

    award notice,
    Happy Wednesday!
    Link a poem to Jingle Poetry potluck if you can, I value your support!


  4. I’d rather lose an arm than to lose thoughts of a lost love..


  5. Why do we seek love? I think it is part of the human condition. We are ontologically created to love. And ultimately that points beyond us. Thank you.



  6. I totally enjoyed this you shared with us. Thank you!


  7. Rejection…something we all face. I graduated from High School the year you wrote this. That day was filled with memories of rejection throughout those High School years.

    The pain of loving a parent and that love not being returned. The pain of living on my own from age 15, working, going to school and wishing I had a family.

    The pain of not being able to love at all…

    Yet, GOD appeared and He was and is faithful and He rescued my wretched and broken heart.


    • When my dreams are dashed against those walls of reality that imprison my soul;
      I’m reminded, if it had not been for the Lord,
      I would not know love.
      Now that I do; It means the world to me.
      Your Friend and Bother


  8. Love is one of those things which evolves us and our emotions. Enjoyed the read.


  9. Love is a true evolution.
    Thank you for writing.


  10. I simply loved it..
    read the poem more than once.. 🙂


  11. another great piece…. i would like it if you read one of my prose-poetry pieces. its not in the rally… but i would like to hear your take on it


  12. I can relate so much to this one I also have a hard time letting go


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