I Can See


I can see past yesterdays’ fears forever;

To the end of tomorrows’ regrets,

Till the sun shines forever;

Quoting the raven:

“Never more”.

I can see the day when I shall truly be;

My fears of being


To plague my hope with doubt no more.

I can see the day I shall look toward the next

Finding no necessity to cling to the present;

The day I shall deal with each acquaintance anew.

Having mastered the basic quest of life-

To know oneself.

I can see my utmost hopes fulfilled;

Not fearing the fulfillment of my fears

Nor the actualizing of  those realities dreamed

In the light of night.

I can see the goal toward which we all strived;

The simple reality,

That the end toward which the light of existence

So brightly shines is indeed its beginning.

All that was, is;

Forever, no more but shall be.

I can see past my fear of seeing,

I can hear past my fear of hearing,

Live past my fear of living;

Which is to exist,

Past the effort to exist.

I can see wisdom that enables me to know,

Past the desire to know.

I can see the time when I (including all),

Will understand all,

While allowing all to understand me (including me).

I can see a time when every man shall see,

That all could have been

If he could have seen himself to be.

How far  into the future can I see

I can see . . .



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 9\12\1977 12:11 a.m.

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “I Can See”

  1. I think we grow to this point, a slow and yet purposeful process. I wonder what could have been if I had followed God more closely in my younger days…and even now my heart is after Him, to somehow make up for lost time…


  2. lovely write…
    you have a almost complete or perfect perspective of versions in life.


  3. wow!


  4. For it to happen, one has to have the vision and you do. Poem on. Please. This is wonderful.

    I’m here from last week’s Poetry Potluck. On Sunday Rally Dispatch this a.m. on the Jingle Poetry site, I challenged folks to visit ten of our poet bloggers today and say “hello” for World Hello Day. I’m out now doing it myself. – Suspect I’ll be the only one. LOL! – I saw you toward the end of the line of links and thinking you might not have received as many views and comments as others. Hope that won’t deter your participation this week.

    Jamie Dedes


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  6. lovely explorations of one’s physical and visual versions.

    we can see beyond time and space if we do visual.

    Thanks for sharing it with potluck.


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