Prefude to a Star Shining

How strange. to see you floating ,

in the reality between day and start of night;

Retaining the radiant energy so lavishly given you by the Sun.

I float between end of night and start of day

YIN and YANG of sorts,

Who could figure,

How we could dare to hold the beginning

and the end of day between us.

You hold the mantle of day alone

Then reluctantly, you allow it to fall

But not before with teasing smile Y

you sprinkle the sky with light to abate my fear of night;

You are “Star Shine”,

the light of day escaping the cloak of night .

Yea, a mask in deed

and Oh how I look foreword to your Shining.

A Prelude to a Star Shining


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright Thursday 8/07/03 6:03 p.m.

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Prefude to a Star Shining”

  1. I like this…something hauntingly romantic, yet chaste and pure. A recent poem, just seven years ago. I can see a simple depth in your writing here…beyond yourself now.


  2. fabulous. so beautiful, serene and full of love. very strange. i thought i have posted a comment on this post the very day it was published.


  3. naah! i read it but scrolled down to post comments on the other poems.


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