Taste Test

Again I’ve loved;

Again I’ve given all

For pain in return

I wonder;

Were the moments of joy

Worth the price I had to pay?

I wonder,

How many more such fates

Must I suffer before fulfillment

Is mine?

I grow weary of posing questions

To myself;

I tire of the feeling that engulfs

My spirit so.


I must remember,

No one ever said that my love

Would be returned as sent.

Noone ever warned me,

That I would meet her

Nor that we’d know each other so.


As time rushes by,

My mind returns to that dust-covered

Shelf called patience

To await the next encounter with


As my mind makes a maddening

Effort at reconciling itself with

Inner peace,

I can’t help but ask myself if it was

Just a dream?

When I know-

There is no such thing as

Loving in vain-






Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 3Feb.1972

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 14, 2010.

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