Too Young to Understand

Here I sit,

In the security of my mother’s house

Yet, oh so insecure.

I find the question-marked doors

Along this corridor called Time,

To be more baffling than ever before.

My life, I see in the mirror of reality

Is oh so incomplete.

What is it that I seek-

Contentment, Peace?

Yes, Peace!

The sanctified resolution of all

My cares and woes.


I ask myself –

Why are my words so rent

With tears of turmoil.

Why no peace in my writing?

Lord, have I indeed strayed thus far?

God forbid!

I seek. . .

My goal is far beyond Death,

Just as it was long before Birth.

Answers, here?

To satisfy this spasmodic craver,

Called a body.

Free me dear Lord!

Show me how to be free. . .

Free I pray, to fly real high,

Where the eagles dare not glide;

To leave this once beautiful, once peaceful place

Or was I…

Too young to understand?


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 5\23\1975

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 14, 2010.

12 Responses to “Too Young to Understand”

  1. lovely..


  2. Very good. Great closing line.


  3. Thanks


  4. what a shout out.
    God bless you,
    Hope that you do find yourself ..


  5. A powerful write. From the date its good to see that the eagles have kept you beneath their wings and blocked your upward glide….


  6. All the questions that ask to be answered. Peace that needs to be found. Everything you’re looking for might require waiting until you’re ready to understand. Enjoyed yoour poem.


  7. great piece. i liked the ending ‘Or Was I…’ cinched it for me. nice job!


  8. Keep living, and move away from home, you will get there … I think we underestimate the young folks, they are very good observers.


  9. Sammie, very moving piece and very self-reflective.



  10. Aahh… you have dared to write here what many of us just think of!! And you have written it so well too! The fear that eats you from within, the anxiety that gnaws at your brain… it’s all too consuming…isn’t it?
    I guess patience and faith are the key words here! 🙂
    Good stuff, my friend…
    Love and Peace,


  11. Great line: ‘To satisfy this spasmodic craver, Called a body.’

    1975? i was 4. 🙂 hee hee. really like it, words are timeless.

    take care… ~700


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