I read your words

And wonder where you are?

Where does such landscape exist;

And realities intrude?

Where does trusses bound support

Over gorge so deep

And that mighty tree out live men in deed?

And in the stillness of

The pre-dawned day I wonder;

Where does your gift to man kind flow like

A torrent down a small stream slow

And rivers fast,

I wonder?

Where is it,

That blood will run like sweat,

And forgiveness like liquid stone?

Then in the dawn of rational thought

You come to me as Kindred Spirit ought.

Where you are I am

And where I am you are,

Un-tethered by time or space.

If we dare to reach out,

We will find each other

Waiting to be found by the other-

As the Kindred Spirits we are,

Touching –

But Oh, So Far Away!

By Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 22 Nov 2010

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 22, 2010.

22 Responses to “Touching”

  1. when we reach out with love God surrenders to our embrace.


  2. God is waiting for us to recapitulate in that he loved us first. Having been made in his image and likeness, some can see as he sees. This we seem to have in common although we may not comprehend this miraculous relationship.


  3. magical writing,
    I read it more than once, love this so very much!

    keep sharing.
    your poetry is super delicious.


  4. magical writing,
    I read it more than once, love this so very much!

    keep sharing.
    your poetry is super delicious.
    Happy Tuesday!


  5. claim awards/treat at entry #115.

    Thanks for the beautiful contribution to week 11, hope to see you next Monday!
    Happy Thursday!
    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate!


  6. So lyrical and so beautiful. Enjoyed this poem very much.


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  8. Very well expressed.. mystical and dreamy too!!
    Ethereal..? A wonderful composition Dear.. 🙂

    Love xx


  9. Distance is only time traveled.. TAG… you’re It!!


  10. You make it sound so simple! Love is definitely the greatest gift of all. Your poem entitled, Touching, is pure love and a true gift.


  11. Lovely. Sometimes reaching out can be a formidable obstacle. But we dare.


  12. So wonderfully penned. Wonders can be created by a touch.


  13. Yes!
    Great — love this.


  14. very, very beautiful.


  15. such easy and vivid imagery !! touching last lines 🙂


  16. very well expressed.
    lovely use of images my friend…
    happy rally…


  17. sooo wonderful. this “touched” me very deeply. i’m definitely subscribing to your blog..
    here’s my piece if you want to see it:


  18. Lovely it has a wonderful sense of magic about his poem


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