How Can It Still Be Real

I met her on a Sunday

The sun was shining bright,

Her dress tinged with yellow

Her eyes were brown and bright.

I said, “Hey, my name is Sammie,

Tell me what might be your name.”

She looked at me in wonder;

Could this be another game.

We walked hand-in-hand through turmoil

No one thought our love could spoil;

Our hearts grew strong in oneness,

Even though we were miles apart.

I’d call her on the telephone,

To try to bridge the gap;

I pose in retrospection,

Or did I widen-up the gap;

After five years of caring

Five years of love

Five year of sharing

To learn that her love had gone.

The fourth year is passing,

Her light is growing dim;

No longer is she happy,

Our love is like a tarnished gem.

The fifth year has started,

I wonder will we see it end

I’m trying very hard to find a panacea

That will clean-up our tarnished gem.

I lost her on a Monday,

At half past 10 A.M.;

Although the sun was climbing high in the sky,

In my heart it was 12AM.

She said, “Hey, this man needs me,

It seems I just can’t break his heart;

I know we’ve some a long way together

But this is where we’ve got to part.”

After five years of caring,

Five years of love;

Five years of sharing,

I learned that her love and gone.

It’s been Thirty-four years since that day in May,

When my love arose to face its fate.

It’s strange to find love still in my heart,

That takes me back before that fatal day,

When I met her on a Sunday,

The sun was shining bright,

Her dress was tinged with yellow

Her eyes were brown

And bright.



Sammie Carter

copyright 4 April 1976

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “How Can It Still Be Real”

  1. its beautiful sammie. you gave the story a life in your poem. I hope and pray it did not happened with you. If it did, i am sorry. wish it did not. some relationships just are not meant to be, one of the hearts lose the love and the other doesnot.

    its better to let love go if it wants and try to love again, using the lessons from the love lost.


  2. 5 years?

    you are loved, even if for a short period of time, which is beautiful and magical to know and cherish….

    if it is gone, you can still love by forgiveness and move on..

    beautiful sentiments,
    best wishes for 2011.

    Thanks for the support.


  3. […] How can I still be real: […]


  4. Very poignant and sad. To have loved and lost…


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  6. Pure visual… awesome!! From Jingle’s blog…


  7. Sad that the love is gone. Keep the beauty out of it! Lovely written Sam!


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