Do You Realy Want To?

I sat down to write;

To write about what I feel;

But every time I ponder,

My body is bound by that I feel.

To wait so long for it to flee so fast;

Like the rejuvenating rush of a

Caressing spring breeze.

Still, I fear that I’m  making a fool of myself?

Covering what I feel with rhyming

Words and phrases;

I’m hurting!

My soul, my heart are aflame!

Indeed, I waited so long to know it;

Only to ask the question,

Was it merely a dream;

Of things hoped for but evidence


A momentary thought . . .

I shall never dream to write

Exactly what I feel,

For the reality of that fact

Is all too real.

I shall never share such pain;

Yet it’s –




Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 1\12\1975 5:30 p.m.

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “Do You Realy Want To?”

  1. this came from the very depth of your heart. in love its better to pour out yourself and see the outcome.


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