Other Worlders Observation

How strange

She stares as if she sees but comprehends not.

How strange.

As if her mind has never

Entertained the existence of creatures

Like us before.


The people of this world have such

A long way to go.

Prejudice, selfishness, envy,

Hatred of their own kind.

Malice, superciliousness, flamboyancy,

Pride of self when self is not what

Self can be.

So far to go . . .

They have yet to notice the beauty

In the plurality of their races;

They have yet to understand the

Educational milestone available to them in their cultural diversity;

They have yet to realize that their world as it is, serves as a mirror of


And the advantage is to know another

By knowing one’s self.

In spite of all the positive aspects

Of living in this world of diversified


I sense a crude form of fear,

Like that exhibited by animals

When their way of life, their personal

Space; their stagnant

Existence is threatened by forces

They can’t understand.

They are so isolated from each other.

How strange

Their history shows they will deal with

their manufactured fears in one of three

ways: 1) Label it taboo then flee it;

2) Call it God then worship it; and 3)

Endeavor to understand it, then misuse it.

How strange these primitive creatures are.

Regrettable . . .

They may not mature in time.


Insufficient data, to determine

If this populous will

Meet minimum qualifications

For evolutionary advancement.

Critical Time: 2.12 .00 Units Remaining.



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 4\12\1974

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 30, 2010.

9 Responses to “Other Worlders Observation”

  1. you portrayed human nature perfectly sam. its beautifully picturised.


  2. Very well said.. exactly how I feel n love to read..
    Nice observation made, I have been doing this since some time now. I see these pigeons and concluded this!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week


  3. Strong writing – I enjoyed reading this very much – I think the computer printout at the end is my favorite part – I really want to know more about the “2.12 .00 Units Remaining.”


  4. lovely! thanks!


  5. Interesting use of imagery. I’d have to agree with your conclusion though I imagine that it is an ongoing proposition on when, not if but hey, what’s a few billion years between friends? Thanks for posting, enjoyable poem.



  6. a pleasure to read.. nice writing style…


  7. Thank you all and I”m glad you comprehend.


  8. Interesting viewpoint/narrator of your poem.


  9. Definitely…they have yet to understand and realize so many things..
    A very long way to go…
    Wonderfully written 🙂


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