What’s with this Human Race

How they can Hate themselves so;

Standing side by side

Depending on each other;

Striving as one to kill another

When we get Home,

We won’t associate with each other;

One is black the other another Color.
”Thanks for the helping hand,

and helping me stay alive;

But I just can’t deal with your brotherly lies.”

We are brothers


What color is your blood?

Mine is red.

Why must we wage this war against each other?

Neither can do a thing about our color.




Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 56\1972





What is it all for?

What purpose is served?

I care,

But they have been conditioned to live without

They are so used to living cold, calculating,

ISO-Alienated Lives;

Until a Community is a Foreign Word,

With a Lost Meaning,


I search for a place….

Where people Live as a part of the Human Race.

A place Where the word “People”

Signifies all Human Beings,

And not individual worlds co-existing on the same

Quasi-dimensional plan.


In this place, I find Humanoids afraid to love—

For fear of Pain;

And fleeing life for fear of dying.

Yet, I will love these people.

Deep down in my heart, I seek a way to tell them;

I’m Human!

And So are you;

We’re Brothers!




Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 8\12\1974

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “RACISM”

  1. beautiful pair sam. Both are full of soul and compassion.


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