If you were a Real Woman,

You would be able to converse with me

On my level.

But you’re merely an aberration,

A figment of your own undernourished

Deprived, over inflated, undereducated

Imagination, and

Forced by your own insecurity, you lash

Out at my definite and unavoidable maleness;

For I am Man.

Complex, Intricate, Diverse, Plural and

Indescribably Infinite in Fathomless Depth.

I am.

What I please, when I please,

Where I’m pleased to be; me.

No need to be what I’m not,

Fore I am everything to me that it would please me to be.

Whatever conjecture,

Whatever conjuncture,

I am me.

I need not envy nor desire to be

Anything that I’m not

I know me and like me;

I must live for me.

I deem it a privilege, to be;

Forever free to be – Me.

Now woman, join me;

Ascend that spiral staircase that entwines thy soul to the top.

There find thyself waiting to be found – by you.

Don’t fear to cry,

Cry aloud I say;

That you might know that you can

Feel, hurt, love then live.

Join me in being;

Fore You were not formed of dirt

But of Me,

The image and likeness of-

Not fearing what others may say.

Climb this mountain to the top!

Descend into the abyss knowing that you will Rise again.

Never has it been said that you have fallen –

Fly, glide, up high in the limitless

Sky; knowing that you are Spirit-

Which can never die.

In finding yourself know that you

Can be . . .

Yes, as we can be;

That we are;

Truly and forever free to be

Diversities of personality

Personified in the plural-



Sammie L. Carter

Originally “Ode to O’Bey

Copyright 8/27/1982

Since the fall of man, woman has been the unspoken blame. She has been found guilty in the court of insecure men and sentenced to walk 5 or more steps behind him or them? She had to give her husband a dowry and after the wedding her processions became his; as well as her body.                                                                                                                                              Today she is paid less for the same amount of work. Yes, men can lift more weight than most women but with which muscle do you equate; the one between their ears or the one between their legs. His-story proves the fear, she was not allowed to work but think; as if managing the lives of little men and women is less than work. How much effort does it take to keep a roof over their heads? To that point, I’ve seen more unemployed men living with a woman that can manage rather than the reverse.

We’ve refused to educate her, forgetting that she first taught us. His-story again proves that he seems intimidated by her ability to become successful with or without him so he refuses her that opportunity by simply not hire her to do the same tasks but for doing twice as much or more.  So who got it done when to war he had to go? To the veteran ask, was it man, woman or child that shot you, blew you up or killed you?

I can not comprehend why it is so hard to count her equal; after all, God does!

~ by Sam373's Blog on February 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “TWO SIDES ONE COIN”

  1. enjoyed it,

    you do what you pleased to do,
    you have been true
    and cool,
    Thanks for sharing.



  2. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thought provoking and at times controversial… I enjoyed this immensely. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. What inspiring words!


  5. I like this Sam. In my other blog, I have written numerous posts about the issues! They were written with a very different mind and hence have not combined here with my main blog..

    Anytime you wish to read in detail how HIS- story has treated women, click that link. You could find posts under Epilogue and Law n Disorders of this Society..

    That’s not all. I happen to be a domestic violence survivor myself. All men I have know- from my parents till my ex, have only made me feel bitter about them..

    Thank you for this wonderful post. If you want to, you could link it directly with my post too!!

    Hugs n love xoxox


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