Rim Sleep


Faint vision

Rumble in my soul

Desert snow

Mountain top oasis


Semi erection

Unspoken conversation

Loud but unspoken rejection

Compromised expectation

Inward conversation

Avalanche  of expectations


Things to do

No time to waste

One and one is one

The sun had gone down

Hadn’t realized

A new day dawns


Unspoken conversation

More than a notion



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright Tue 2/21/11 4:24 am

~ by Sam373's Blog on February 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Prelude”

  1. Love it! It’s so dramatic and depicts the feelings of stress and frustration very accurately. A kind of inner struggle… Awesome work 🙂


    • I have concluded that the unconscious is the most conscious, proving most oft that we don’t understand and if we do, we don’t comprehend.


  2. wisely done…

    Thanks for the lasting support.
    you rock.


  3. keep up the excellence…

    Happy Wednesday.

    your words are super brilliant here, divine imagery.


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