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In our darkest hour

February 26, 2011 – 5 Responses
“When the world comes to an end, this is what shall be played. Mankind, for a brief second will as one, look to the heavens. Some will pray, some will sing, others will hold the one they love, but for a single second in time we, as one will unite under the banner of stars that surround us. 12 billion eyes will focus, 12 billion eyes shall close and for eternity we shall be known as a mankind that when in our darkest hour we could become one and accept our place, but as one mind, one body one soul”


I found this comment on a video by Paul Collier on YouTube. I was deeply moved by Paul’s music. People think of making money in as many ways as possible, have a Lamborghini, A million $$ to spend and stuff like that. But what if in a while, all that’s never going to matter? What if the world is going to end tomorrow? Will the money matter anymore? Will the Lamborghini matter anymore?

If the world is going to end tomorrow, I shall remember what a random person in the world said. Though I’ve spoken against mankind many times in the past, when I read what Raifukumaru said, it wasn’t hard for me to imagine mankind joining their hands as one in their darkest hour, being there for each other , looking up at the sky. Though we’re born as one, and die as one, in that one last moment, what better way to die than to die knowing that 12 billion hands are holding yours. And what better way to die than to die knowing that “mankind that when in its darkest hour could become one and accept its place, but as one mind, one body one soul”

And I’ll say to myself, “I’ve had one hell of a ride.”

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What will it matter

When the metropolitan parent returns home

And finds our chores undone

What will it matter

When I learn that school is out for the season

When I intended to go but not before too late

What will it matter

If I ware a $2000.00 clock

But I convinced myself

That I have time to kill

Now dead that opportunity

To have taken part in what could be

What will it matter

To learn that eternal life was given to all

The prize was where I could have lived it

What does it matter

If choice was afforded me

But I never realized

That not choosing is the choice made

So while it matters

I Will…


Sammie Carter

Copywrite 5March2011 8:00am

~ by Sam373's Blog on March 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “With “In our darkest hour « Dreams and Reality”, In Mind”

  1. what matters and what doesn’t matter depends on the soul of the person making the decision


  2. I really love your poems, sir. We are always making choices.And I believe that there’s a reason why we’re making those choices. We may not know the reason. We may never know the reason.Does it matter,then? By believing in this, I’ve made a choice not to chase the reason.To dig out the purpose. Maybe we’ll know it at some point in the future. Maybe “reason” will come to us itself. I only hope that when choosing what matters and what doesn’t, I do so wisely. And if I don’t, I’ll never know the reason why I made an unwise choice. Ah. Back to reason again. Let’s give “reason” some time to find us.

    With Love,


  3. Not choosing is a choice, well said!!!!


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