I’m standing on an icy plain with wind blown snow traveling across my view.

Which way is South?

It is so cold

The sun is in the sky but he is mocking me;


I don’t think she will let heat come out to play.

Still, I don’t feel lost

I’m supposed to be here.

Which way is North?

I can’t feel my feet or legs or hands or head

Still I stand.

I don’t feel an urgency to get there,

Even if I knew where there is.

Where is love to warm me

Where are friends to console me

Where are my antagonists to challenge me

For as it is now



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 09March2011

~ by Sam373's Blog on March 14, 2011.

6 Responses to “COULD THIS BE HELL?”

  1. Oh no!! There are times when many of us too have felt as if nothing seems to be making sense… as if nothing means anything…
    That’s the kind of feeling I read when I read this poem, my friend…

    The helplessness and the feeling of being LOST are very beautifully expressed… And I sincerely hope all’s well with you, Sammie…


  2. …a lot of well-known emotions….
    Great write!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (I know…I’m a bit late, but still….)


  3. we all have a purpose… and i dont mean that as some inspirational bull…. but sometimes we just lose it…


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