This Love Called Grace

Faith in itself, a gift;

But not the ultimate gift of grace;

God’s unearned gift of reconciliation.

Not a reward for acts accomplished in body or soul

But an act of perfect love, not earned.

God devised a way to pay that debut;

God became MAN

Just to die, bleed and suffer utter abasement;

The penalty He Himself imposed in the garden for our disobedience, desertion

And rejection.

It was God’s perfect love that reconciled not only man

But all of His creation to Himself,

By way of Christ’s Cross on which that perfect sacrifice died.

All of God’s creation includes those angels that fell from grace

When they as we chose to follow that other.

For they too were created;

But not encaged in this flesh

But having more knowledge they fell just as far

But not so far as to be missed by God’s grace.

Should we that were formed and proved shaped in iniquity,

Believe that we died therein on Christ’s wooden cross?

Then believe that it was God as His only begotten Son

That walking without but now within;

And did suffer that punishment that we all did begin.

By faith we have been recreated in

Him as a new creation;

Should we in that way

Choose to remain.

A Matter of Grace by Faith


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 05 April 2011

~ by Sam373's Blog on April 5, 2011.

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