Kindred Spirits

I felt for a time so guilty

When asked by a friend

“Name your favorite poem”

“(  )” ? !

I should?

I thought;

Then after days of reading and searching

I concluded

I Have favorite Poems and Poets

And I call the Poets

Kindred Spirits

We share the same dreams , even if called nightmares,

Pangs regardless of gender.

We are multiracial

Canvas white as snow

All inclusive color  black as coal.

Our cultural differences are like the

Hue of our eyes,

The pigment of our skin

And the diversity of languages we speak;

Thank G-D for translation software.

As Kindred Spirits or (souls says one)

We are more than many

But in reality

Just One.

Reality is,

We chose most often not to agree

But Wisdom says thank you for letting me be me.

Kindred Spirits one is all

We are the voice of Man

Speaking to the heart of GOD.

~ by Sam373's Blog on April 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Kindred Spirits”

  1. Nice one, Sam. I would just add to the “each speaking to the heart of his god.” Poets’ voices reflect many different cultures.


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  3. Hello Sam…. I thank you for subscribing to my blog post.. I agree we are all of us ONE.. expressing that which is within our hearts sharing our thoughts, passions, Dreams, Hopes and disappointments And Love.
    Wishing you a Weekend whereby you can Dream, and live in hope that All Mankind may one day become a Poets.. Dreamwalker


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