I reach beyond

Mountain peak near and far

Stars young and old

Places hot and or cold

I look beyond

Hues of red yellow blue and green

Beyond all that with these eyes

And this mind is and are not seen

I do not seek or search

As if it is or is not

By knowledge known

Or by some faculty claimed as if owned

Fore to perceive and then comprehend

That I comprehend that I perceive is my quest.

Join me;

As we then pass this test.



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 9Aug2011 5:28am

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 7, 2011.

6 Responses to “HU”

  1. The Test on this Earth as we look.. but do we see?…. We have many beauties to behold within this plane of existence Sam and yet we fail to see..
    We need to look beyond far- out.. and seek that knowledge which is within.. and has been with us since the beginning of time..
    The Challenge is to find it within one’s self… that which we searched for is not lost. But to open it up once more and look with new eyes to that which is already placed before us..
    For I AM.. and so it is….. 🙂

    I really am enjoying your thoughts and poems and its nice to see you posting again.. And thank you for your visits 🙂


  2. The pleasure is in knowing someone else cures.


    • Cares


      • Sam… those that Care for this world have to sometimes be the strongest of the strong… Sometimes their paths may seem long and a lonely road.. and along that road we have to learn to stand alone.. And we may have to let Go of many things we hold close…
        But our journey is one of discovery and our ‘Lights’ will prevail… as we learn to spread out our beacons as ripples across the pond.. to show that Light always outshines the Darkness…
        The time is upon us now where we need to stand firm and strong.. for many changes will start to happen all at once around our globe.. and we need to focus on the Good and positive and not get embroiled within the negative of what is about to escalate …
        Many Blessings sent your way to you and yours…


  3. I think tis is all of our quests and I don’t know so much if the test is there but in the “living” and the “seeing”. You have written something very special, here, that touches my soul, Sam. Thank you for sharing it with this old artist.


  4. Thank U for the feedback. How or when is unclear but as we live one day we realize that we have learned.


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