This Thing Called LOVE

So often I feel or have felt that my definition for love is mine alone.

I have felt like I have fallen over a waterfall and lay at the base of

My mightiest effort to define or dare to feel and survive Love

Dare I think

Dare I dream or even

Pray for help at defining this

Reality called LOVE

When every effort seems to hurt so badly

And fulfillment seems so fleeting

If possible at all

I do wonder.


Yes, this emotional waterfall leaves me wet

With the sweat of efforts unending

And struggles unyielding.

As I strive for a partnership

That makes this struggle worth if

Only for a while

Indeed important or valuable enough to repay

Time or efforts spent;

This thing or reality called LOVE

How is it defined and

How is it obtained?




Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 25 Aug 2011 1417hrs

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 25, 2011.

8 Responses to “This Thing Called LOVE”

  1. Sam this is an excellent Post excellent..
    Sometimes we try so hard as we hurl ourselves over the precipice into the watery depths of emotion as we search.. drowning in the depths of despair.. We fight the currents as the water crashes, crushes and caresses .. When sometimes all we need but do.. is let it be.. and Float… going with the flow… and let the current take us like a leaf dizzy as we twirl upon its surface but we will come to that point where we will find our resting place.. Among many others all searching for that same essence.. Love holds us in its many forms… Love hurts us so as we FEEL… For to live.. is to love…
    Many Blessings Dreamwalker


  2. And like wise are your words, in deed!
    I thank the Great Spirit for we are kindred in the truest way.

    Your words remind me of another waring spirit that fell by the way –



    Love is amazing!!! That is why most of us want to find it. It gives you hope, makes you feel strong and that the world is alright even when it might not be 🙂


  4. Love this I have been to that waterfall !

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice…I ask that same question
    “how is love obtained”


  6. thoughtful, as always. i wonder all the time..


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