Knowledge is Born

I’m blown,
I float
On the winds and waves that are time
As a thought in the mind of God
Given life and a will of my own
I float
On the winds and the waves that are time.
To and fro,
This way and that way,
Up or down
Or do I move at all?

I flow,
I ride;
Defining, refining:
What is,
Who is
Where is
What is
Before dashing upon the shores of an undefined destination that changes

As I move
Or am moved
On the wind and wave
That does not
Push, prod, poke, force, retard
But with an urgency
I am still;
In motion.
Now I can see that
And all that is and is not
At the same time;


By Sammie L. Carter
Copyright Tue; 01Nov,2011; 0211hrs



~ by Sam373's Blog on November 1, 2011.

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