I read somewhere that there is nothing new under the sun or is it Son? I conclude that we do not have new thoughts but new perspectives on forgotten and not forgotten thoughts.
So why do we think that we do not know that which was known and is alluded to? Is it because we of old and new regret the consequences that come with knowing and if we disavow that we have known from that tree. That act will some how save our descendents from debuts earned but never paid?
I do wish it to be that simple. We all have the same capacity and desires as did the First, and we prove it from the very first lie we tell to the last crime we commit and think it unseen.

It is said that I often put too much thought in these and other matters of the heart, mind and soul but since that Tree, my mind has been filled; even if I at times can not understand or comprehend thoughts not so alien but disquieting just the same. And when maturity had found me, I was laid bare with a responsibility that I do not remember earning. Nevertheless I conclude that I am if we are therefore responsible for all that we wish not to be and some.

It has been said that we were One then Two many, when in fact we were many represented by One and even today we are not as many embodied in One. We are still just as responsible for our foot as it is for our hand but we see our fellows as asses, not realizing that the whole still stinks just the same.

I read somewhere that there is nothing new under the

Sun or is it the Son?


Sammie L. Carter copyright 05/11/2012 @ 0724 hrs.

~ by Sam373's Blog on May 11, 2012.

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