Course Correction

God doesn’t always act as fast as I would like

But I don’t act as He would like.

So, how dare I get an attitude with the only person that has

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit (Photo credit: Barking Tigs)

Never failed to show up in time.

God doesn’t give me always what I ask for

But, neither am I ready for the responsibilities

That come with that I ask for.

So my prayer has changed:

Please Jesus Christ, wash me clean of my sins

Please, Holy Spirit, intercede for me;

That I make the right requests.

Please, Heavenly Father, live in me

As my Creator, Savior and defending Angel-

Even when I am my own worse enemy.

Bless me I pray; to be Your Will, in Christ Jesus

And work Holy Spirit:

In me,

Through me,

Around me,

For me;

By the grace and love of God-Amen.


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 5May2012

~ by Sam373's Blog on July 1, 2012.

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