Then To Be Forgotten

The Sun shines

upon mountains grand and small;

Glaciers that resemble dirty white frocks

that peep their age as they cry

tears the size of rain drops

that etch deep furrows in their stately phi sod

And wash away sleep and dander the size of boulders

from their all have been seen eyes.

Even they

Live and die

Laugh and cry

Learn contentment then dismay


The sun shines on upon their unaffected composure

And I wonder;

Will their place at the table of life be remembered?

Will anyone recount their birth,

Those mistakes they made?

Those bad decisions of adolescence

Or even their graduation into adulthood?

Will anyone recount their wisdom earned

Or their advice spurned?

The facts we will remember are that they are simply dirt;

Spewed out by this living thing called planet earth

Blown by the wind swept up by the rain and washed away by glacial rivers

Created by tears of regret that flow so freely down those

Facial furrows etch over a life time upon their stately brow;

Then to Be Forgotten


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 12Aug2012 1032hrs Sam373

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 6, 2012.

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