Well said as you feel it;
So die to
This world’s way of thinking,
Seeing, feeling understanding and never comprehending.
That there are two lives we will live;
To one we must die
And to the other be true.
It is to that one that is in the image and likeness
That most can not touch
But I have
And all that you see I’ve found
But not realized in this flesh completely
For they that hold to this physical do corrupt all that
I can touch, taste and feel.

Then I died to all that disappoints me
I now live to a reality in which I have not obtained all
But enough to not doubt that I can
And will obtain all that we crave and dream-
Plus much more.

To all that I’ve died I do not miss
And it no longer frustrates me
And with that freedom I sore
So high above and beyond the limitations
That this flesh would entangle me.

Join Me

Sammie L. Carter
Copyright 19 Sept 2012

~ by Sam373's Blog on November 19, 2012.

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