When was the lie born (?)

When he said, “I love you”

Or when you heard him say: “I Love You”.

My Abused Heart

My Abused Heart

I ask you this,

Can Love be born so swift (?)

Do you lie when you say that you search for that right someone

Or when you chose to open the portals of your soul to  someone (?)

Did you believe what he said?

Or did you simply want to believe what he said as if true.

It would seem that we that are most worthy wait the loneliest

And realize too oft  in advance that to compromise our worth should be so painful.

How do we know that a statement of  love is Love; 

And not simply an effort to satisfy a search for orgasmic bliss (?)

Bliss so oft short-lived and does not so oft fulfill.

Which is the lie;

Not only

But the greatest lie (?)

When he or she promises to fulfill or

When she or he chooses to believe that this ones’  Soul speaks truth (?)

I dare  romance to say:

“To thine self be truth”

For if it can not  be done by You

THEN By Whom?

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~ by Sam373's Blog on January 14, 2013.

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