Questions in My Sleep by Sue Dreamwalker

 She quoted a phrase: “F-E-A-R= Feeling Excited And Ready”

“…The Book is entitled “ When Everything Changes, Change Everything” by Neale Donald Walsch, a book about the very nature of change and how life itself works, it reveals why change happens and speaks of the many changes we are each experiencing and seeing occurring and how we can change our experience through altering our perception of change. Which many now are doing…”

At 0228 hrs 02/22/2013, I awoke from a not so relaxing sleep and after tossing long enough to give myself a headache, I sought out my phoenix-in-a-circle-hi
Creator, inquiring.  The thoughts and assignments that are on my to-do list were not satisfying so I set them on the shelf of procrastination to face later. After preparing a cup of coffee, figuring as I so often do, to start the day earlier; I sat down to my computer and was drawn or led to my family of Kindred Spirit.  And befitting as her name implies, Sue Dreamwalker stepped so carefully into my soul and from my alpha thoughts she sweep away the white noise and freed me from the chaos of a self imposed prison of random thoughts. As those dusty thoughts fell away, revealed to me for the first time was a myriad of alpha thoughts woven into spiraling bands coursing around the interior of my skull on varied axis’  with a glowing light source in the center pulsating with every one of my heart beats. And from somewhere outside of me came an understanding that every spiraling cord was the genesis, maturing and demise of every thought that I have and have had. Still unknown to me or unsure am I as to what is that pulsating light in the center? Could it be that each of us is a phoenix of sorts and the bands of thoughts follow the circle of life. The many thoughts born in the core of our being live and die; some before reaching maturity and thus become trash floating around in our brain? While others are fire-rays-spiral_gg4469495metamorfosised into actions applauded or regretted?  All I know for sure is that I feel the sun rising within me as my eyes see the darkness watching from the other side of the window pane. Is it possible that my ego is stirring from its sleep while my id is laying down to rest? I  thank the Dreamwalker for this revelation for insight is not easily arrived at.  To think that the many words twirling around the maelstrom of possibilities could fall into that core and be reborn as a poem or prose or even feelings.

Dreamwalker                                                                                                                                                           by

Sammie Carter                                                                                                                                                                                     copyright 02/22/2013

~ by Sam373's Blog on February 22, 2013.

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  1. i loved her explanation of fear!


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