I met her today!

She wants so to take a break

From Comprehending,

From Knowing and

From having answers to questions;


And truly not wanted.

In searching,

There are many locked minds and hearts

Into which we can see

Although they are closed boxes

With content believed to be hide from our gaze.

To often they are mad

At us

When they learn

We have seen the hidden.

Too often, most often

Afraid are they

That we can see

That thought securely hidden

Not from our gaze

But theirs


The us that can look in

At that which was thought

Lock Away but

Never so secuely.

Fore that which I don’t want to see

I hide Or lock away

from only me.

I… C… U…

Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 9/17/2017 8:30am

~ by Sam373's Blog on September 21, 2017.

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