How Strange it is to think I know the will of God for my life
How strange it is, to think that I can know someone to whom I talk at but seldom listen to. How strange it is to want someone to Love me even when I’m not sure what that love should look like.
So often we say, “I gotta take a chance”! But withholding Love for that special someone that may have come and gone? Reserved as an intent… which may no longer be hoped for. When what was given Because what was given was not as important as the Love sought?

No, That Love, I guard as not my own! But, it is to me worth more than that But to whom else?
How strange it is that a person who did not Love me enough; Would be placed in a position that forces me to Love them more. Fore Love must be realized or someone will never know the Love they never gave; Until its no longer theirs to receive. So I ponder; Was I created to Love as I had hoped to be Loved? And so I queried: Have I learned that I too was Loved But not as I had perceived Love? Thus, I did not appreciate that which I had all along.

So, I conclude; Love is given that we may know what Love truly looks like. But what of the person that gave such Love?

Did I fail to give in return that love that I Should have kept but still, I return; not as given? As if it were a favor owed? Would that make love, Love or

Sammie L. Carter copywrite 4/12/2018 5:22am

~ by Sam373's Blog on April 12, 2018.

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