My dad died when I was 15 months old. Mom never remarried. I remember one of three men friends she had, came to our house drunk and she chased him away with a broom. She was a high-yeller George girl. She commanded respect! I remember getting mad at God; figuring that if He had not killed my Dad, my dad would have been there to teach me how to deal with the gangs of Detroit and simply how to be a man. I had come to my wit’s end, one Thursday in July of 1969, as I made my way to choir rehearsal. I had decided to kill two or more of the men that blocked my way; as they did almost every Thursday. To my surprise, I heard a familiar voice that I remembered from my childhood days. That voice I had heard before, many times in the back of my mind, now had physical presence. I immediately recalled those  angry words accusing Him of Killing my dad; when He said, “But I want to be your Father and Dad.” Never before had an image of what I thought was a man appeared. He or it was in and out of focus. Still, I knew. Literally, before me, this time. He appeared there on Hartford St., North of McGraw; at about 6:30 pm, north of the alley, by that big Ash tree, stood a man and said, “On your way to choir rehearsal; I’m not sure if it was a statement or question; still, I replied “yes”. He then said: “I’ll walk you down the street.”  This man looked like a friend of my mother, but He was out of focus! Yea! It was Weird!        

As He walked a step behind and to the right of me. I could see Him out of the corner of my eye as I often turned to see if those guys had started to chase me; as they often did, but not this time. As we neared the corner of Cobb and Hartford St. He said: “Well Sammie, I’ll be seeing you.” I turned immediately to reply but found no one by my side nor nearby. That gang was still where I left them, standing in the street at the other end of the block, just North of the alley. I’ve never seen, not one of those gang members again! Nor has the “Captain of the Lord’s Host” appeared to me again. I know that I have never been alone again.

This experience was just one of more than five supernatural interventions in my life. Whether it be God incarnate or an angelic being is irrelevant; it does not matter, I know that it has been and continues to be God by my side, all 65 plus years of my life.  

What your life has been to date, is not as unique as you think but it is nevertheless, uniquely yours. Believe me; when I say, “It was made just for you.” If only for the faith of your mother’s prayers for you; you have never been alone. Just as I have always wanted; I have always had a Father by my side. Believing that He is there was –

The First Step

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~ by Sam373's Blog on May 11, 2020.

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