We R not ALONE!!!

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My Brother:

My dad died when I was 15 months old. Mom never remarried. I remember one of three men friends she had, came to our house drunk and she chased him away with a broom. She was a high-yeller George girl. She commanded respect! I remember getting mad at God; figuring that if He had not killed my Dad, he would have been there to teach me how to deal with the gangs of Detroit and simply how to be a man. I had come to my wit’s end, one Thursday as I made my way to choir rehearsal. I had decided to kill two or more men that blocked my way; as they did often. To my surprise, I heard what I knew to be the voice of God. Yes, I had heard Him before but that time, He had said to me: “But I want to be your Father.” Never before this time did an image of what I thought was a man that I knew, literally appeared there on Hartford St. North of McGraw; and said, “On your way to choir rehearsal; I said “yes”. He then said: “I’ll walk you down the street.” This man looked like a friend of my mother, but He was out of focus! Yea! It was weird. As He walked a step behind and to the right of me. I could see Him out of the corner of my eye as I often turned to see if those guys had started to chase me; as they often did but not this time. ? As we neared the corner of Cobb and Hartford St. He said: “Well Sammie, I’ll be seeing ya.” I turned immediately to reply but found no one by my side nor nearby. That gang was still where I left them, standing in the street at the other end of the block just North of the alley. I’ve never seen one of those gang members again! This experience was just one of more than five supernatural interventions in my life. Whether it be God incarnate or an angelic being is irrelevant; it does not matter, I know that it has been and continues to be God by my side, all 65 plus years of my life. What your life has been to date, is not as unique as you think but it is nevertheless, uniquely yours. Believe me; when I say; “It was made just for you.” If only for the faith of your mother’s prayers for you; you have never been alone. Just as I have always wanted; I have always had a Father by my side. Believing that He is there was the –

First Step

Sammie L. Carter Copywrite 7/11/16, 0400hrs


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How Strange it is to think I know the will of God for my life
How strange it is, to think that I can know someone to whom I talk at but seldom listen to. How strange it is to want someone to Love me even when I’m not sure what that love should look like.
So often we say, “I gotta take a chance”! But withholding Love for that special someone that may have come and gone? Reserved as an intent… which may no longer be hoped for. When what was given Because what was given was not as important as the Love sought?

No, That Love, I guard as not my own! But, it is to me worth more than that But to whom else?
How strange it is that a person who did not Love me enough; Would be placed in a position that forces me to Love them more. Fore Love must be realized or someone will never know the Love they never gave; Until its no longer theirs to receive. So I ponder; Was I created to Love as I had hoped to be Loved? And so I queried: Have I learned that I too was Loved But not as I had perceived Love? Thus, I did not appreciate that which I had all along.

So, I conclude; Love is given that we may know what Love truly looks like. But what of the person that gave such Love?

Did I fail to give in return that love that I Should have kept but still, I return; not as given? As if it were a favor owed? Would that make love, Love or

Sammie L. Carter copywrite 4/12/2018 5:22am


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I met her today!

She wants so to take a break

From Comprehending,

From Knowing and

From having answers to questions;


And truly not wanted.

In searching,

There are many locked minds and hearts

Into which we can see

Although they are closed boxes

With content believed to be hide from our gaze.

To often they are mad

At us

When they learn

We have seen the hidden.

Too often, most often

Afraid are they

That we can see

That thought securely hidden

Not from our gaze

But theirs


The us that can look in

At that which was thought

Lock Away but

Never so secuely.

Fore that which I don’t want to see

I hide Or lock away

from only me.

I… C… U…

Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 9/17/2017 8:30am


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​We should practice “Thnksgiving”,   every day; for blessings seem too often fleeting, lasting only long enough to be noticed then we take them for grafted and forget that they were grace not payments earned. 



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“We have the power to make a Mess or a Masterpiece. The earth has existed about 3.4 Billion years. Man Kind has been here about 10 Million years but modern man has achieved and destroyed all that you see and have heard roomer-ed in the last 3,000 years! That includes very good things and very bad things. The point is we have the ability to do great things, if we choose to.” (Sam373 said this on March 11, 2011 at 12:04 am)

I believe that time need not be an enemy; it could be a saving grace, in deed.We are created in the image of the eternal but placed in a temporal university to learn.  And being that our actions are temporal, our mess needs not last forever. Knowledge has been placed in us, although we deny it, as if ignorance after the fact is an excuse.  I offer a simple definition for this concept called “Knowledge”: It is the accumulation of facts. True to the intent, it has been left to us to agree upon word meanings that describe or refer to elements of information. When we then use a specific word or combination of words to refer to a specific body of information and\or reasoning, we are said to “Understand”. This is a necessary step toward learning to “Communicate” When we have amassed enough words  and have agreed to use them in defining and describing our interaction with each other as well as the effect of that interaction;  we are said to “Comprehend” the lesson we have learned.

Life is a moot court of sorts.  Some speak to the predetermined-ness of it but still there are decisions to be made at every crossroad of redefinition or when ever new information or experience is added to the knowledge bank. We must note the repetitiveness of the experiences and the consequences that follow; I think this is called “Wisdom”?  Still, we must choose to continue or change in some way the direction we travel or the way we interact with our environment and those life forms we encounter along that way. Still, “predetermination” applies more to the syllabus of this “Life Course” in which we are enrolled than in those decisions we make along the way. Therefore, one might reason that there is possibly a predetermined amount of information to assimilate in this class. This information registers in me as knowledge, understanding and comprehension of the facts and experiences assimilated along this way. If therefore we are being schooled,
What Have we Learned?

By                                                                                                                                                             Sammie L. Carter                                                                                                                                     Copyright 03/11/2011                                                                                                                Published 03/19/2014