Ashley Peacock

It is Time

I went to a concert some time ago and became an admirer. I have maintained an interest in the evolving saga of the transformation of Ashley Peacock. You are such a special man!  There is a poem called

“A Pebble on the Shores of Heaven” (,  you should  read.

We experience many pains so that we can overcome them; only to help others survive them. You may not now comprehend it but you are a Guide of sorts; whether you want to be or not. As you come to grips with this news, remember that the Guide is not the Leader. He simply but not so often simply shines the light on the chosen path.

You are probably asking right now, “Where does this path lead?” and “Who says I want to go there”? Well, The Leader knows. Some times, he enlightens and some times, he hires guides. In the latter case, they are paid. However, in the former case, it does not matter. You see, the ability is a gift seldom realized by those that have it. So many are traumatized,  by the formation of it and others flee from the mail person that brings it.

So often, this ability has been forged in the fires of “I have no choice,” and folded on the anvil of “Desperation” then plunged into those soothing currents that I told you about. Now, you are so sharp that you have cut your soul asunder. Is it blood or are they tears? Still, you are now a mighty weapon; wielded by whom? Not used to kill but to free and make a way where there is a way that is not for the moment.

It is Time

For you to become-

A Minister of Music


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright Aug 23, 2009

~ by Sam373's Blog on August 30, 2009.

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