I understand your frustrations

I know my words are of no value to you;

They tend at time to be far less valuable to me,

But I must love me.

If I wait to be loved

I would be waiting

And waiting…

And wait!

I must love me.

As a friend once said:

“Every body has an agenda”

In the name of being your _____,

You want me to give you…

Love you

Sex you

But at no time do you care what I expect

Or how I feel.

We are not one,

We are and have been two or more.

So,  I’ve come to this conclusion, I must love me.

I grow weary

Of  the search;



Even silently begging for –

I must love me.

You don’t talk to me

But at me,

Then get an attitude if I talk to anyone else.

You touch my body

But you don’t touch my soul…

I must love me.

A legal love affair;

Then I’ll love you



Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 12/21/2010 1814 hrs.

~ by Sam373's Blog on December 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “ANYWAY”

  1. I came to thank you for your comment on my blog. I’m glad I came. Your poetry is very good.


  2. a touching poem sam. loving ourselves is essential.


  3. beautiful message..

    masterful job.


  4. “I muse love me” – such a plaintive cry. Well wrought poem.

    I’m hear from Potluck. Hope you are enjoying your visits and visitors.

    Best wishes for the New Year.



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