Complex Reality

I walk through this life filled with that I thought all that professed to have has,

But I have learned that professing is not possessing and possessing is not necessarily having what we profess that we have.

I’ve come to understand that God does not indwell a man always because even the best men, save Jesus the Christ, regret enlightenment; possibly thinking, ignorance is a good excuse?

God forbid.

But still,

Too often,

The Holy Ghost, which will never leave us nor forsake us, is left setting on the porches of

Our lives,


Waiting for the stumbling blocks placed in our way to give us cause

To return with an insistence to stay.

Men think;

For some reason,

Just as we thought when the children we were by earthly standards;

With a little knowledge

I can do this,

On my own;

But God has told us:

Without patience, understanding and wisdom,

Your knowledge and ego are out of control.

We are so easily distracted,

And lost

in this struggle to define our lives.

Too often it has been

And is necessary that we be chased, drawn, pushed or prodded into the wilderness

To hear and receive the whole lesson that continues to be taught.

Even there we are distracted –

by our own thoughts and some;

Both physical and spiritual.

We all have problems that –

We Can Not Handle


Sammie L. Carter

Copyright 2/01/06, 3:15 a.m.

~ by Sam373's Blog on January 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Complex Reality”

  1. Thank-you for this. Very creative and more than a little true. I even got tongue twisted a little as I read this like one big confusing bumbling thought of a person that I am. 🙂


  2. interesting


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