I was born.

But I was, before I was born.

How long did it take me to become someone?

And is that being or becoming

More than somebody, to me?

How much time did I waste striving to please them that would not

Or could not be pleased with whom I have become

Or that I am at all what I am.

What I am is resolved.

I hope.

Still, who I am, is a bone of contention.

With some?

This plural entity called ME.

But there is more than me?

So, who did I spend a life time becoming?

What is a lifetime?

And who have I become?



Sammie L. Carter

copyright 12/01/2013 3:45am

~ by Sam373's Blog on December 1, 2013.

4 Responses to “I ASK”

  1. All very good questions as we delve into the nature of ourselves… I AM just me, a part of the whole of who still strives to understand and ponder upon how many life times it takes and wonder just what is it we have become? I hope Sam as we view our world, there are many who are seeking answers, as we ponder life’s mysteries, for sometimes I can love how our human race embraces another in its selfless deeds. At other times I am aghast to its cruelty as it inflicts pain on its brothers and animal kingdom…

    Just who are we? some times I think we have forgotten our Human part in Nature… But one thing I hope for is that we will endeavour to find our lost hearts….

    Thank you Sam for your visit, it was so great seeing you again 🙂


  2. very poignant questions.


  3. have a wonderful, blessed year my dear friend.


  4. Hi Sam, I am pleased to see you still around… Hope to see a new poem from your shortly 🙂 take care… Sue xox


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