I don’t know oh Lord, how to do your will.

You said that I am not in the flesh but in the Spirit. And that you created me anew “in” Christ Jesus.

Then you told me that I am a part of His body. But that HE is the head of that body.

It is also written that just as God dwells in my Christ, He, as the Holy Spirit, will also dwells in me.

Paul told the church at Rome that “they that mind the things of the Spirit are Spirit”?
What does this mean?
How does this fact manifest itself in me or,
We that claim to believe it?

I ask also,
what is this “DO”, I’m to do???

God told the Philippian family (2:13),
that He will not only dwell in us
But He will cause those of us that believe it,
to “want to do –
and then He will empower us to “do”. Do you think that He ment that He would empower us to do –
that which He calls His “Good Pleasure”?

I am not confused. I understand that if I allow God to work His will in me, As He did in Jesus, our Christ;
He will make it so plain that I will not error.

I pray then:
“Help me, dear God, You placed me in the body of Jesus Christ and it is in Him that I do live, move and have my being;

Help me Jesus to be like you. I want to surrender my will to our Father;

just like you did.

I will strive to crucify this flesh until it no longer stands between me and our God.

I strive to be one with my CHRIST that accomplishes the will of God for me.



Sammie L. Carter

Copywrit: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 10:53 AM

~ by Sam373's Blog on March 21, 2018.

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